The “logistics 4.0 program” from DAHMS solutions

Make your logistics fit for the future with the optimal use of automation technology

Automation is part of Logistics 4.0 and offers intelligent and self-regulating processes to optimize intralogistics. Due to the constantly growing requirements, the automation of various warehouse processes is gaining in importance for many companies. The current automation technologies offer companies the opportunity to manage increasing goods turnover more efficiently. Logistics costs are minimized through automation – quality and performance are increased.

The “logistics 4.0 program” from DAHMS solutions

Start digitizing your logistics now with a suitable solution package.

The prerequisite for Logistics 4.0 is the networking of data. But only a small part of the process data has been used so far. The Logistics 4.0 program from DAHMS solutions makes this data available. This is the basis for optimizing processes, with the aim of sustainably increasing the efficiency of logistics as well as reducing costs with the results:

  • Increase in customer satisfaction
  • Optimization of the working capital
  • Reduction of lead time
  • Increasing the availability of product
  • Increase of productivity
  • Optimal workforce planning
  • Targeted investment planning

Intelligent process sensors, cloud apps, interfaces and connectivity components optimally coordinated with one another in practical solution packages.

The “logistics 4.0 program” from DAHMS solutions

Make your logistics fit for the future now through the optimal use of automation technology

High-performance, efficient and scalable logistics are becoming more and more important in many companies. However, many questions arise:

  • Is automation even worthwhile for our application?
  • What solutions are there, which ones make sense for my company?
  • How can the elements be interlinked in a meaningful way?
  • Where can I find an experienced partner company?
  • Who will advise me as neutrally as possible and show me suitable solutions quickly and easily?

DAHMS solutions works out the right solution for your logistics. Tailored to your needs and everything from a single source:

  • From conception to implementation

DAHMS solutions works out the right solution for your logistics. Individually tailored to your needs and everything from a single source.

The “logistics 4.0 program” from DAHMS solutions

Make your logistics fit for the future now through the optimal use of robotic solutions.

While the use of industrial robots has been indispensable in production for decades, especially in the automotive, pharmaceutical and food industries, the use of robotics is also gaining increasing importance in logistics. The reasons for this are complex and have to be assessed individually from company to company. However, some aspects apply to everyone:

  • Increasing the performance and motor skills of the robots
  • Use of high-resolution camera technology
  • Increasing computing power to process the required data
  • Collaborative use (man & machine)
  • Continuous processing of the order quantity thanks tothe possibility of using it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Preparatory optimization of order picking on Sundays and public holidays
  • Falling price points of the robot

In a large number of projects, the cost savings were significantly higher than the monthly costs of the investment.

The “logistics 4.0 program” from DAHMS solutions

Delight your customers with Operational Excellence in logistics

The expectations of customers of an online retailer are rapidly increasing. No matter where customers buy, they expect their order to be delivered quickly and reliably. Did you know that, according to Internet Retailing Media’s analysis of 2021, 91% of consumers choose their shopping options based on next day delivery availability? However, the number of retailers offering next day delivery is 53%. Benefit from our many years of experience and a large number of successful projects.

We design your logistics individually and tailor-made to meet the demands of your customers. E-commerce logistics, also known as e-logistics for short, encompasses all of the logistics related to internet and online sales. E-commerce logistics has very specific requirements that require tailor-made solutions and great flexibility. These include several activities along the logistics chain:

  • Adaptation of the supply chain processes to the fulfillment strategy
  • Smarter e-commerce logistics in data-supported environments through the use of new technologies
  • On-site employees need up-to-the-minute knowledge
  • From storage locations to change orders
  • In order to avoid costly delays in fulfillment or errors in shipping

But just collecting data is not enough. Companies must be able to interpret the data correctly in real time so that employees at the production site or in the warehouse always know what the “next best action” is.

In other words: Transparency and agility are required to maintain supply chain processes and thus meet the requirements for omnichannel shopping and e-commerce logistics.

The “logistics 4.0 program” from DAHMS solutions

Reduce your return costs while increasing customer satisfaction at the same time

Returns should be easy and free. That’s what customers want. But what does that mean for online shop retailer? Returns cost money, and not just for shipping.

Do you know your costs for returns processing? If not, you belong to the 40% of all online retailers. The cost of handling returns depends on several factors, such as:

  • What are the products?
  • How are the logistical processes?
  • How complex is the reprocessing?
  • What quantities of returns are processed?

The range of costs is very large. It goes from 5.10 Euro to 17.70 Euro per return. The best return is not a return. We support you in developing your returns strategy. Your advantages are obvious:

  • Happier customers
  • Reduction of process costs
  • Transparency across all process steps
  • Faster availability of your goods
  • Reduction of working capital
  • Compliance with legal requirements for take-back and the recycling law
  • Competitive advantage through speed and simplicity

Quality is when the customer comes back, not the goods.

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