For many, digitization is a megatrend that they have yet to implement. Walentina Dahms (45) and her husband Oliver have built the business model of DAHMS solutions GmbH, founded in fall 2013 and based in Markt Schwaben, on this. They are shaping digitization in logistics. “We develop and implement custom-fit digital and robotics solutions for our customers,” says the managing director. In her opinion, the challenges are increasing.

Biggest problem currently: “Many objects are on hold.” This, she says, is due to the many uncertainties and lack of ability to plan on the part of customers, resulting primarily from the extremely rising costs in the energy sector, for example. “In these uncertain times, no one knows what’s coming,” Dahms says. That applies to the company’s own operations, but also to its customers. “These want to implement projects, but are uncertain and therefore often say they want to wait before implementing them.” Added to this are supply bottlenecks and long delivery times, as well as staff shortages among the partners with whom the duo works.

Dahms doesn’t resign herself, however; she looks for solutions. She and her husband are trying to get a grip on the shortage of materials by reserving resources in advance and shifting their procurement markets from Asia to Europe. In order to position the company well in the long term, they are using current developments as an opportunity to adapt their range even more to customer requirements. Take high energy costs, for example: With these, demand for the construction of energy-efficient logistics properties is rising. The company is responding to this by implementing low-consumption robotic solutions such as Auto-Store. Dahms: “Ten robots require as much electricity as a single vacuum cleaner.”

Source: IHK- Magazine for Munich and Upper Bavaria.
Text: Sabine Höller
Pictures: Simone Naumann and Izis Ibrahim